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Why Real Estate ?

  • Real Estate sector accounts for approximately 5% of India’s GDP. The current size of the industry is close to USD 50 billion and the same is expected to reach a size of USD 180 billion by 2020*
  • The Real Estate sector is the second largest employer in the country, next to agriculture. The sector has backward and forward linkages with about 250 ancillary industries such as cement, brick, steel etc**
  • Real Estate is a play on India's growth story. The growth in the economy is reflected in need for houses, offices and places for leisure and recreation.
  • Real Estate has few unique features which distinguish it from other asset classes.
  • It is a “real asset”, which is produced and consumed domestically. Global developments only have an indirect impact through capital flows.
  • Real estate has historically shown robust and steady growth. Prices have also been fairly resilient relative to other asset classes.
  • The twin features of growth and stability, makes Real Estate a preferred investment avenue.

Right time to invest in Real Estate is NOW !!!

Demand Growth: Effect of 3 A’s

Affordability Availability Aspiration
Rising per capita income Quality construction “Want it now generation” is young, productive and demanding (quality)
Growing trend of double income families Benign interest rates Close affinity of Indians to “own” a house… and a house bigger than before
Robust business growth in services sector allows aggressive geographic expansion Easy access to home loans Corporate offices asking for world class space