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Inspire India Properties Ltd. (IIPL)is a professionally managed property investment advisory which is dedicated to help its investors with hassle-free and profitable real estate investments.

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Driven by the passion to help good citizens secure their future by means of investing into solid real estate projects with sizable future prospects, we offload our customers of the hassles associated with the real estate buying.

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Let us start this relationship with a promise - a promise to help you realize your dream till it meets its goal of providing you financial independence in a honest, transparent and highly professional way.

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With the proven track record at IIFS. Pvt. Ltd., IIPL promises its customers and investors a fair and transparent relationship.

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“Buy and wait” rather than “Wait to buy” has been the investment mantra of IIPL (Inspire India Properties Ltd.).

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Sharan patil
Meet Mr. SHARAN C PATIL, Inspire India Financial Solutions Pvt Ltd., Bangalore.

It gives me great pleasure to report that Inspire India has had another successful year with excellent growth prospects. FY14 has been a year of comprehensive and all round growth, in which we have tried to exceed our expectations and the guidelines we set for ourselves. Our consistent disciplined approach over the last 3 years has enabled us to create predictable outcomes for our projects - and for our stakeholders. Driving this disciplined approach, we have transformed our Company for the future.


Welcome to Inspire India Properties Ltd.

Buying a property in India has always been an uphill task for an average Indian because of various complexities associated with it. Thousands of people with reasonably good disposable incomes shy away from investing in a property due to factors like unawareness of its true potential and returns on investment, hassles associated with good title search, lack of access to reliable legal evaluation and opinion, low confidence in dealing with middlemen and security of their assets.

Recent Project


Growth Prospects :

SuvarnaViharColony(SVC) is a concept of Inspire India Properties Ltd., to promote environment friendly sustainable development of the land resources such as to protect the environment from the burning issues of global warning and to preserve “Mother Earth”.
SuvarnaViharColony(SVC) is BUDA approved project. Located in Alarwad-Shindoli Road, Belgaum.Just 2.5km from SuvarnaVidhanSoudha.Next to Karnataka Housing Board(KHB) colony BasavanKudachi.